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Ambarawa Sation

Ambarawa Station

Click here for the main unofficial Ambarawa Railway Museum Home Page Photographs on this page are courtesy of Nick Bryant (NB), John Tillman (JT), Vincent Corasi (VC) and Rob Dickinson (RD).

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The 'jewel in the crown' is undoubtedly Ambarawa itself.

This is the first view that visitors get as they arrive. (2001 NB picture)

First sight

B2503 departs with the station (and its toilets) in the background - this was the 'standard gauge' side originally - on 21st July 2000 (RD)

Standard gauge side

This is the same side looking in (1997 VC picture)

The interior is a period piece. This is the 'cape gauge' side which is no longer in use. (1999 JT pictures)

Ambarawa Station

Ambarawa Station

Ambarawa Station

This is the period piece booking office: (NB 2001 pictures)

Ambarawa Station Booking Office

Ambarawa Station Booking Office

Lever frame:

Lever Frame

Telegraphic Office

Telegraphic Office

Among the other buildings is this 'godown' (gudang = wharehouse) used by the same company that rents Tuntang station. (2001 NB picture)


Finally the staff headed by Mr.Sudhono who maintain the museum site.

Station staff

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